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to speak their minds and assemble without fear. and on the rule of law a d presatuaeee rights of all people. in other words, true democracy, real freedom, is hard work. those inou power have to resist the temptation to crack down on dissidents. inard onomic times, trs mu be tempted -- may be tempted to rally the people around perceived enemies at home and abroad rather than focusing on the painstaking work of reform. moreover, there will always be those that rt n re diors who cling to power, corrupt interests that depend on the statuses company. and extremists who f the flames of hate and division. from northern ireland to south asia, from africa to the ntseto t pacific rim, we've witnessed convulsions that can accompany transitions to a new political order. at time the conicts a rise look the fault lines of race or d n aisom difficulties of reconciling tradition and faith with the diversity and enter dependee of the modern world. in every country,here are those who find different religis beliefs threatening, in every culture those who love freedom for themselves must ask themselves how mu
to be made. without them, voters may not be able to vote because of the state's new i.d. law. now that decision may be appealed which would put a final resolution near election day, but there are officials who do not think tit works. >> also this week voter requirements facing tough scrutiny from a special panel of tough judges there. the requirement is does the requirement at polling stations cause a burden. it must meet certain requirements. another date to watch for you, today. this is national voter registration month, to remind voters that in october, 48 states have registration deadlines. at stake here, 6 million potential voters or more. the national association of secretary of state say that's how many in 2008 that did not vote because they missed registration deadlines. and if florida reg station numbers are any indication here, look at this. compared to july and previous elections, look, democrats are way off pace in that debattleground state of florida. this year they're only 5% of last election, and, chris, that's why it's not only the voter i.d. turnout. >> that's a h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)